Car cakeWe all like to celebrate our birthday, right? Of course we do. For guys, a lot of the time its about the car, the muscle machine. Car shaped cakes are very popular with the dudes, young and mature, age doesn’t matter its just the designs that change a little. So why is the car theme popular?

Well some of the guys might be older, or just crazy auto-mobile fans, some  just enjoy playing with their little toys but one thing is for sure, most males enjoy a car themed cake at one point in their life. And the reason is just that, all boys have get car toys when they are young to play with and those memories of sweet innocent times stay with them for a life time. Pushing a small toy car around in the garden obviously just does it for them!

Okay, now that we have pin-pointed what the guys like, we are going to show you how to make your very own cake to celebrate a man’s birthday in style.Follow the the tips and tricks listed below and you are sure to have a car cake that your man will truly appreciate.

First thing to settle on –  Is the car cake going to be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional?

A car cake can be made in numerous different ways and styles. Different approaches can be used to achieve your final result. The first major decision to be made is whether to make the car in a 2d or 3d form. Portions required from the cake may help decide this but essentially, the core decision may come to the level or expertise and confidence you may have to be able to achieve either style.

For those of you just starting our with cake making, a 2 dimension cake is the way to go. You will achieve a stunning looking cake for your first attempt and next time out you can tackle the more complex design.

As you may be aware, 3D cakes are for those with a higher skill set and with more experience, having said that with some careful planning and a detailed work-plan even the novice cake maker could produce an amazing 3D cake design.

For those who opt to go with the 2D design -

This style of cake is relatively straight forward to achieve.  To start off with, simply buy or even better, buy your ingredients and bake a cake sponge layer and decorate it in a wide variety of fun ways. There are numerous different decoration methods that you be used including:

Create your very own racing car track (liquorice sweetie strips can be used for the track) and place mini toy cars around the race track. For added effect, break up some chocolate biscuits and place on the track to create a dirt effect. If you want to add the illusion of some grass, get some green food colour and some coconut and mix together. This works wonders and is eye catching.

If you are looking for some encouragement, then please watch this video:

Further information, similar to that of the video can be found on-line by searching for www.cakeinabox.co.uk.  Doing this will allow you to find a very helpful company called Cake in a Box. Contact them for many more interesting confectionery techniques.

To get started, select a particular car style you like and find an image of it you like from the internet. Take the picture and print it off and lay it straight on top of your cake. To jazz it up a bit, feel free to use some colourful icing, sugar lolly-pops and candy sweets to decorate and bring the cake to life.

If you want to make it super straight-forward then all you have to do is purchase some toy cars which you can use as cake toppers. All you have to do is basically line them on the racing circuit or spread them around it. Keep in mind there are lots of other great toppers available for cake suppliers that could be used to create a wonderful themed racing car cake.

The 3D Car Cake – A cake for champions!

Okay, now we are getting down to business so to speak. While a 2 dimensional cake is a fun place to begin with, you can imagine that making your own 3D car cake is a hell of lot more fun for various reasons. The 3D cake is well worth the extra time and effort. Extra skills and technique are essential when building this type of cake, it will be necessary to cut, carve and mould your cake slab to the desired shape you want.

Planning a 3d cake is very important. You should have a clear idea of how the final cake design should look before beginning the process of cutting out. Having this clear vision will that you have the enough of the necessary cake available to finish the task. As you can imagine, if you run of cake to use, things can get stressful in the kitchen!

You should now have the general idea and outline for your design, from this point it is necessary to ice and decorate your cake. Apply a plain layer of icing to your cake to build and hold it structure together. Once this is done, feel free to coat the cake in sugar-paste.

The general design of the car has now been constructed, now its time to add some detail. An idea is to create features for the cake such as wheels, spoiler and mirrors etc, again sugar-paste can be used to make these elements. Another less involved option would be to use biscuits for the car wheels, candy sweets and or other decorations to add features like lights and bumpers etc.

Remember when starting out to consider the right size of cake board when building your 3D car cake.  The cake board can become an intricate part of the overall cake design when decorated with added racing track features and colours. It is important to view the cake board as a nice visual way of presenting your wonderful cake.

Well done, your cake idea should have been created. To make your special guy happy, choosing a car themed cake is a great way to show your appreciation. Think carefully about the task you are taking on and what level of skill and confidence you have. Whatever you decide, you will certainly have a sure winner with the racing car themed cake.

We hope you enjoyed our little article here on Veganfreak. Please feel free to leave some comments, we promise to read them all! Have a lovely day everyone.

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